Michael Jackson's Halloween: For Fans Both Old and New

Welcome to our new blog and Happy Halloween!  This post will address the Michael Jackson Halloween special that aired on CBS in the US on 10/27/17.  It is apparent that Michael's Estate is interested in garnering new fans with this special.  However, there are many clues that are pointed toward current fans. 


Hay Man

Hay Man is very similar to the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.  Of course we know that Michael played the Scarecrow in the Wiz.  Here you can watch Michael talking to Don Cornelius about The Wiz and how he loved the Scarecrow.  When the evil Conformity tries to make the Hay Man a zombie, he opens up his empty pumpkin head, and asks Victoria to take the amulet.  The amulet represents his "song", and he states, "it's my song.  Keep it safe from Conformity."  Clearly, Michael's music was his own, and never conformed to anything other than his own beliefs. 

General Meriwether could possibly be a reference to the spider Michael was going to use in the This Is It Tour.  Here is a link to the This Is It rehearsals where Michael climbs out of a spider right before they rehearse Thriller.  See below for a picture of the spider at Michael Jackson Fan Fest 2011.  When Meriwether stands up to Conformity, he states, "slander me if you must but please do not insult the honor of my troops."  MJJ Justice Project  astutely notes that this is a reference to Michael's relationship with his fans. 


In the elevator, this purple plaque with a crown in the middle signifies royalty for the King of Pop.

                                                Protagonist Vincent wearing an MJ T shirt.

                                                               This Is It wallpaper.

                                                           Dangerous Stained Glass.

                                                                  Billie Jean lights

                                                             BAD license plate


It is evident that the message of this special is that nobody should have to conform to others' expectations.  Vincent, the son of a grocery store owner, does not want to inherit the store, but would rather become a DJ.  Victoria would rather be a dancer than a "cog in a nameless, faceless" corporation.  Hay Man, Meriwether and Franklin Stein (the cat) all refrain from dancing and music because the antagonist, Conformity, tells them to.  The underlying message is that Michael refused to conform in his lifetime, and nobody else should have to either. 


Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough                                             Smooth Criminal
Heartbreak Hotel                                                                    XScape
Somebody's Watching Me                                                      Human Nature
Vincent Price's laugh from Thriller                                        Dangerous
Jam                                                                                          Workin' Day and Night
BAD                                                                                        They Don't Care About Us
Threatened                                                                               Blood on the Dance Floor
Torture                                                                                     Beat It
Thriller                                                                                     Childhood

Did we miss anything?  Let us know in the comments below. 


  1. I am happy that you explained it all thanks and I loved the special. The fans that complained should remember that Michael is in a class by himself and no way can the estate be genius like him, they can try which they did


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